SEEIIW2018 The 4 th IIW South-East European Welding Congress

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First Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am honoured to invite you to participate in the 4th IIW South – East European Welding Congress.

We are pleased to continue our long-lasting cooperation at the regional level. Besides of the three associations that take part in the organization of such a Congress for the fourth time, namely the Serbian Welding Society, Bulgarian Welding Society and the Romanian Welding Society, we are also supported by other countries and institutions from the region.

We expect participation of the most important experts, not only from the region but from the European and international scene as well. Within the Congress and the Workshops, specialists from the industry, academic and research fields will have the opportunity to exchange information on current regional and global topics.

During the Congress, as a great opportunity for sponsors, an International Fair of Welding and allied processes will be organized.

All this indicates that the 4 th IIW South – East European Welding Congress will be the largest event in the field of welding to be held on the South – East Region of Europe in 2018 which goes beyond the importance of the region itself.

We would be very grateful if you would forward this invitation to anyone among your appreciate colleagues interested in the subject.

Dr Vencislav Grabulov, dipl.eng.IWE
Congress Chairman


The 4 th IIW South – East European Welding Congress has the theme “Safe Welded Construction by High Quality Welding“  and it is an opportunity for scientists, engineers, technicians, welders, suppliers and customers to meet and share their experiences, ideas, information and acquire new knowledge.
The Congress will be held in conjunction with the Conference WELDING 2018 which is traditionally held once in two years in Serbia.

Main topics:

  • High Quality Welding (all regard welding technology, metallurgy and Joining Processes)
  • Structural Integrity and Life of Welded Joints/Structures
  • Welding of pipelines
  • Education, qualification, certification of personal